Quality Policy

Gates Albert will strive to be the supplier of choice for our Customers by providing high quality products that meet or exceed Customer, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and by working continuously to improve our processes.

Quality at the Source

Gates Albert employs a quality at the source philosophy. Quality of the product produced starts with the machine operator and quality cannot be “inspected” into the part after it is produced. Using this philosophy, machine operators at Gates Albert are dedicated to producing quality products that exceed the customers’ requirements.

Utilizing our “Quality Planning Expertise”, there are many systems in place to support our machine operators including:

  • Machine Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Tool Change Tracking System
  • Statistical Process Controls
  • Continuous Improvement Program focused on improving quality of product
  • Training in preventive action methodology

The focus on quality doesn’t stop with the machine operator as post processing is critical to part quality.

Gates Albert’s state-of-the-art parts cleaning equipment allows us to meet international standards for part cleanliness in the Automotive, HVAC, Aerospace, Medical, Food Processing, Electronics and Laboratory Equipment markets.

When a project requires the next level of quality, our vision inspection systems ensure that only the correct parts get assembled or molded every time, eliminating down time. These automated vision inspection systems can be adapted for a variety of applications.