We focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else – Davenport Precision Turning

Davenport HYBRID

– the newest technology available from Davenport Machine

The Davenport Hybrid Machine offers users precision and flexibility in their manufacturing efforts. Simpler setups, faster cycle times, and a conventional Computer Numerical Control (CNC) interface make it easy to integrate the Davenport Hybrid Machine into virtually any workflow. This five-spindle screw machine’s ability to hold tight tolerances with exceptional accuracy is proven everyday in the field.

The Davenport Hybrid Machine can leverage capabilities such as:

  • Removal of costly secondary operations
  • Milled Features
  • Angular trepan grooves
  • +/- 0.0003″ lengths
  • 020″ wall thicknesses
  • 10 RMS seal faces
  • Aerospace alloys

Davenport Model B with High Precision Head

– the classic and still the most cost-effective solution for your precision turning needs.

Since 1900, The Model B Davenport has been the most cost-effective multi-spindle screw machine in the marketplace. With the development of the Davenport High Precision Head, this cost effective machine has been made more accurate and repeatable than ever before.

ABEC 9 angular contact bearings and improved spindle stiffness and rigidity, allow Davenports to hold diametrical tolerances within 0.0005 inches. This advanced design allows the HP Head to run with more precision and accuracy.

Gates Alberts commitment to using only the most updated Davenport Machine technology means higher quality at the source for your products.

Davenport One-Inch Model B

– our classic machine…just bigger!

The Davenport One-Inch Model B Machine is the Model B machine that you know and love, updated to manufacture larger parts. This new version of the machine can work with full one inch diameter parts. The One-Inch Model B maintains the same footprint of the original Model B, which is less than half the footprint required of typical one-inch capacity multi-spindle machines.